Scrabble: The Dreaded Vowels Rack

If you’ve been playing Scrabble for some time now, you may have encountered the dreaded rack of vowels. You won’t be lucky enough to have a rack from which you can form words that start with K every time! There are options you may have when you are facing this dilemma and you feel like you’re stuck and have nowhere to go. So, first you can have your letters exchanged or second, you can learn the words that are basically consonant-less. It’s not quite hard because there are only a few vowels-only words out there.

Word Tips for Vowel-Loaded Racks

Yes, there are words that only have vowels and these words are the following:

• AA • OI • OE • AE • EAU • AI

It’s not really that hard to memorize the words, is it? Now you can also use most vowels and pair them with one or just a few consonants on your rack. A premium quality Scrabble word finder is a tool that can help you with this. There may be words that you are not totally aware of but are in the Scrabble dictionary. Check out the legitimate words that you can use for your Scrabble match to keep on getting those high scores.

How to Get Rid of those Vowels Now

Scrabble help and tricks are easy to memorize when it comes to using vowels with a few consonants on the side. Dumping those vowels the easiest way is not exchanging them at all. You can Scrabble cheat does. When faced with adversities such as the dreaded rack of vowels, the best way is to improvise and just know your vocabulary by heart.

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