Scrabble Rules

The scrabble game can be played by two to four players. The objective when playing scrabble is to score more points than another player(s).Some rules are outlined before the game starts such as no access to online Scrabble help and scrabble word finder. As each word is placed on the game board, points are gained and each of the letters used in the game will have a different point value. In the case of Scrabble cheat, any player that uses this has also broken the law. To avoid this it is advisable to learn some word tips in order to obtain high scores. The Scrabble Board

This is where the game is being played. An international standard scrabble board should consist of cells that are located in a wide square grid. The board offers 15 cells high and also 15 cells wide. The tiles used in the game should fit in each cell on the board. Scrabble Tiles

There should be 100 tiles that are used in the game and 98 of them should contain letters and point values. There are also two blank tiles that can be used as wild tiles to replace any letter you want. When a blank tile is played, it will be in the game as the letter it has been substituted for. Several letters in the game will have several point values and this depends on how scarce the letter is and how difficult it may be to play that letter. Blank tiles should have no point values. Tile Values

Below are the values you get for each letter that is used in a scrabble game. You get 0 Points playing Blank tiles. You get 1 Point for playing these letters A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, and U. You get 2 Points for playing D and G. You get 3 Points for playing B, C, M and P. You get 4 Points for playing F, H, V, W, and Y. You get 5 Points for letter K. You get 8 Points for J and X. You get 10 Points for Q and Z.

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