Scrabble is not a game for the faint worded. Beginners often tend to blame their luck when on the losing side of the game. They like to think that the opponents were lucky with the tiles at their disposal and the words just naturally formed for them. While this might be true for games with more than 2 players, a game of Scrabble between two players has more to do with skill of the players than their luck.


The luck factor in this game is entirely dependent upon the letters that are drawn from the bag and their compatibility with what the player has on their rack and the board. Luck of a player may hold a major role at the beginning of the game, but once the game starts it is all upon the player to efficiently exchange their words for better suited words and come up with optimal solutions to each problem.


The skill of the player, on the other hand, is put on test the moment the game starts and how the player fare further is entirely dependent on it. The skill may attribute to but is not limited to the knowledge of valid Scrabble words, essential word tips, advanced strategic planning, and more. Some talented players have the unique skill of seeing anagrams from jumbled alphabets on the rack, some players have the extraordinary ability to predict future threats on the board, some players are good at evaluating and maintaining a balanced rack while others are mathematically capable of assessing different word scores and coming up with the best alternative solution. It is the player’s duty to enhance their mental strength and learn more words on a daily basis with the help of Scrabble word finder or Scrabble help websites. The most important skills for a Scrabble player are to strategize their game to make innovative plays, take timely risks, think two steps ahead and the ability to know how many tiles to play and when.

Thus, it is clear that the skill of a player has way more to do with them winning than their luck. The next time someone blames it on the luck, feel free to label them a Scrabble cheat.

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